What’s inside the Flagpole Ball

It’s a timeless question: What’s in a flagpole?” The answer is NO. Flagpole balls are primarily used as decorations. Two aluminum curved pieces form a flagpoleball. These are attached to a 1/2″ rod and placed inside the flagpole truck. Sometimes the ball is called truck. But, the correct term would be finial. The pulley systems are housed inside the truck. It is possible to attach the balls to trucks, as most trucks have threaded holes for the ball. This prevents water leakage into hollow flagpoles, learn more here.

Urban legends claim that symbols were placed in the ball to prevent invading countries from our flag. These stories and the items can vary.

Some of the most sought after items you can find in your bag are a match or a razor. The flag was cut into pieces by the last soldier after the military unit was destroyed. He then burned the strips. The last soldier would take his bullet and commit suicide. The gun responsible for the bullet is usually hidden at the flagpole’s base.

You can find many variations of this story. Another popular variation is to use a razor to remove the flag’s halyard. It is not designed for the flag. Another alternative is to use it to defend flags and not to commit suicide.

You might find additional items hidden alongside the original item. An extra item may be a grain of rice or wheat, depending on the version. The soldier will use the rice as fuel to defend his flag. The wheat is to be used for rebuilding food supplies in the event of victory. Another item that could be purchased if victory is won would include a needle with thread to fix damage to the flag. To aid with writing, a pencil should also be mentioned.

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