What sets a Combination Oven apart from a Convection Oven

A combi oven can be a great option for those looking to replace their convection oven. While they use hot-air for cooking food, there are significant differences. Let’s have a closer look, check this out.

Mixer Ovens

A combi oven can be used as a multi-purpose oven. It includes a steam oven, a convection and grill. It’s a popular choice for serious home cooks and commercial kitchens, as it quickly and evenly heats food with hot steam and air.

One of the greatest advantages of a combi-oven is its ability regulate humidity levels. Suffuffing and other delicate foods like souffles can be made in a combi oven without worry of overcooking. You will enjoy healthier and more flavorful meals thanks to the steam feature.

Another advantage of a combi oven is its ability to simultaneously cook large quantities of food. It is therefore ideal for busy homes, commercial kitchens, and catering events. It is also versatile enough to be used in a variety of kitchen tasks, such as baking bread and roasting meats.

Ovens with convection

Contrary to steam, convection ovens use hot air instead of steam to cook food. It circulates hot air to heat the food and cook it faster and more evenly. Convection ovens are known for creating crispy coatings on food, which is ideal for baking goods or roast vegetables.

While a convection cooker isn’t as versatile as a combo oven, it is still a great option for many households. Convection ovens are less expensive than combi ovens, but they offer faster and more uniform cooking.

The final decision will come down to your culinary preferences and needs.

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