Vons Weekly Advertisement – Great To Plan Discount Meals

Vons offers a week of sales each Wednesday continue reading. The Vons Weekly Ad is clearly divided by department. Customers are able to easily locate the items that they need to complete their weekly menu planning. This weekly Vons ad can help you save time and money on meal prep.

The majority of meals in America consist of meats, a starch, and veggies, no matter what kind of cuisine. Vons weekly advertisement declares them “Meat Experts”, so the ad section of each week’s newspaper is a good place. Since meat is the most expensive item in a grocery list, it makes good sense to build your weekly meal plan around the items featured in the advertisement. There are many options for meat cuts and varieties to choose from. There’s something for every taste and budget. Keep looking at the Vons Weekly Ad to see which fresh or frozen veggies you can pair with your chosen meat or seafood. It’s easy for you to picture yourself buying them for your weekly menu planning.

The grocery and bakery sections will allow you to complete your meal plan with whatever starches you prefer. You can also shop for sweets to enhance your entire meal. Vons Weekly Ad features a wine section, something that isn’t found in most grocery store ads. Customers who choose to purchase six or more bottles will be offered a 10% discount. You can also look at the back cover of the Vons Weekly Ad to see three meal suggestions for the week. Each meal is built around sale items. It’s easy to save money and meal plan in one place.

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