The Misperceptions of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Even the most careful person can make carpets get stained eventually, regardless of how well they are maintained get more info. Carpet maintenance is not as simple as regular vacuuming. Every carpet owner will eventually consider calling a professional cleaning service.

Be sure to not let common misconceptions about professional cleaning deter you from getting your carpets cleaned the best way. A professional cleaning service should clean your carpets at minimum once a year. This is especially important if you suffer with allergies or asthma. It is possible that the carpet salesperson who sold you your carpet may have instructed you to dry clean only. A good friend might have told you to wait until your carpet is dry before cleaning it again. A cleaner may tell you that carpets shrink after cleaning.

These misperceptions could be due to cleaners who leave carpets too wet. Carpet cleaning professionals will remove all moisture after cleaning. Unclean carpet can cause shrinkage, splitting of seams, mold growth, and other problems. It is important to not leave carpets wet after cleaning. A carpet that is too wet will leave behind suspended soils. Overly wet carpets will dry quickly and leave residue behind. This will allow the soil to wick up onto the surface and attract new dirt. This applies to carpets that have been either wet- or dry-cleaned.

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