The Commercial Combination Oven kitchens

The combi-oven has become the most popular piece of equipment in commercial kitchens today. It is considered the’must buy’ item by chefs and cooks. It evolved from simple manual models, which offered three cooking modes – steam, convection or a combination thereof – to multi-programme ovens using cutting-edge technology such the Electrolux Touchline Steam Ovens and Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centers. Learn more!


The combination oven has many benefits. Combination ovens offer powerful and comprehensive cooking options, including steaming, roasting and poaching. Combi-ovens with state-of the-art technology reduce shrinkage, energy consumption and provide huge savings for the operator. Andy Bridgeman from Akro Limited, Sales Director, states that combi ovens have many benefits. They can be used to bake bread or roast chickens and any other type of food. “They are able help caterers deal with complete menus regardless of whether your establishment is cooking 30 covers or a huge banqueting venue with thousands. The Rational & Electrolux ovens will be able to cope with these large orders.”

You can choose a combination oven

The options available for chefs/caterers to choose an oven are endless. While they have a variety of models, each model has its own unique features. But there are two major manufacturers that stand out: Rational UK and Elektrolux Professional. It is vital to select the right oven. Look for a trusted brand to get the perfect cooking results. If you want to steam, you should choose a basic convection cooker. The ovens from both manufacturers come in a variety of configurations. They can be programmed or manual to meet any need, so you can cater to all kinds of operations.

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