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A Space-Saving System Water Softener

It is possible to have home water softeners take up much space. The resin tanks and other conventional systems can be quite heavy. If you have an area in your garage or utility that you can store your softener, you are lucky. However, most people don’t have enough space inside to house their washer dryer, water heater, or other large appliances. Some homeowners enjoy the idea installing their system outside. Before you decide to do this, you must consider the following

Cold climate

It is obvious that if you are in the northern hemisphere, it is difficult to install your water-softener outside. However, if Florida is your home, it might be tempting to place your water hardener outside. Florida doesn’t usually get very cold weather. You can get around this but be aware that water freezing in your water softener tank could cause major damage. You can actually install your water softener outside regardless of where you live. You can place the unit in an insulated enclosure or underground.


While water treatment systems can be quite durable, exposure to the elements over time can cause problems. If your softener will be installed outdoors, make sure you have protective covers for the valve’s as well as any other components. Systems can be used indoors or outdoors. However, they are not designed to be exposed for prolonged sun, rain, ice or snow. Before you decide to have your water softener system installed outside, be sure it has an outdoor warranty.