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How to Support People with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities, whether they are young or old, all want to feel included. Everyone, even those with disabilities and others, needs to feel connected and included. If you feel disconnected from your life, it is easy to lose yourself in the dark and think that you don’t matter. No matter what age, gender, disability, we all matter. If you are looking for quality disability support services anywhere and under any circumstances, you can find them on disability support Melbourne.

Society has made it a part of our DNA that any differences are unacceptable. Society shuns people who are different. There are 48.9 millions Americans with some kind of disability. Nearly 50 million Americans have a disability and deserve the same care and support as everyone else. Here are six ways to support people with disabilities.

1) Establish high but reasonable expectations

Society would have us believe that people with disabilities must be continually supervised and coddled. Although every disability is unique, it is usually not the case. Society has continued to place low expectations on people with disabilities, and that mindset has become a common way of thinking. This is also true for people with disabilities. They start to have low expectations of themselves. People with disabilities need to be supported by setting high expectations. Encourage them to feel like they are your equal.

2) Be educated

It’s as simple to do a Google Search! There is no need to go to classes or attend the library. Just type a few words into Google, and you will find thousands of articles. You don’t have to be an expert; just the basics. Find out the good, the bad and the ugly about someone with a particular disability.

If you feel at ease, meet them in person. The internet cannot tell you everything. Every disability is unique. Ask them if they feel comfortable talking about their disability. Ask them what they are able and unable to do, and what they want to be able do in the near future.

Never assume

You all know the saying about not assuming things. If you feel the need to inquire if someone has a disability or not, do so. However, don’t assume. Many disabilities go overlooked because they are easily accepted into society’s “mold”. There is nothing more embarrassing than thinking someone has a disability, when in reality they do not.

4) Be a good listener

This is true for all ages, but it’s crucial to be an attentive listener when supporting people with disabilities. Many people assume that people with disabilities cannot or won’t interact with others. However, this is often false. Although you might need to adjust and learn from them how to communicate, listening is an essential trait. If you really listen and open up to others, you will make them feel valued and included. These three aspects are crucial to a happy life.

5) Be inclusive, welcoming

Although this is related to the above point, it’s still important to be aware. It does not mean that you must be friendly with everyone. Instead, make every effort to get to know them. It is not a sign of weakness to be inclusive. Although we aren’t obligated to make friends with everyone, ensure that friends and acquaintances with disability can take part in group activities. Ask them if you aren’t sure if they can. It is enough to ask questions that can make them feel included.

6) Provide support and guidance.

Anyone can succeed if they have a solid support system. Although people with disabilities may require support differently to you, they still need support. Be educated and learn how to support others. Different people have different needs so a good support system is different.