Spotting a Fake Moldavite

There are many fakes and some of them are so cleverly designed that it can sometimes be difficult to identify real moldavite, click here. Two moldavite enthusiasts share their expertise on how to spot fakes. To determine whether or not the pieces you see are real, refer to the information provided by the seller if you decide to shop at via the links in this post.

These are the top tips for identifying fake stones

1. If they are similar in shape & texture, or resemble the images on the page

2. If they look all shiny / wet.

3. Faceted gemstones without inclusions and bubbles should not be considered fake. They should appear smooth or transparent like glass. All Original Faceted Moldavite are guaranteed to have bubbles in any shape or size.

If you haven’t figured it out, you can still ask questions on Facebook within various Moldavite group. You can read the details here before flooding groups with “is this fake” posts.

These have been most popular in 2020/2021 as well, and Pendant form from only a few businesses. They are believed to have developed molds and mass-produced the chips. India is also working on making chips, but they are unable to replicate the texture and other aspects of the original. ONLY BUY FROM TRUSTED RESOURCES. If you see a low price on ebay or etsy for something, it is most likely fake. Some new fakes have emerged from India, creating different shapes now, likely molds, that cannot reproduce the natural texture.

IVC stopped selling on the market in Thailand and Hong Kong due to the large number of fake sellers. Fake Moldavite products are appearing on the Indian and Chinese markets. Notice the shiny, wet look to the melted glass. They are working on changing this by using newer molds. Knowing what you want will make it easy to distinguish the differences. Many of these same shapes can be called “perfect” in any size, even larger than the largest real stones. You can compare the pieces to this page with these real Moldavites.

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