Moldavite – What’s it?

The moldavite rock has fascinated people for thousands of generations because of its uniqueness and unsurpassed quality. The formation of this mineral, a glassy green color, is believed to have been caused by an impact from a meteorite that struck the Czech Republic’s Bohemian region 15 million years back. It was formed when rocks and sand were melted by the heat of the collision. Discover more?

It is prized for its extraordinary appearance, limited availability and powerful curative properties. Moldavite is said to enhance bodily healing and spiritual development. The stone can also be used to assist in manifestation, and help you connect with your highest possible path in life.

Its beauty and natural beauty have inspired many jewel makers, spiritual healers, and crystal healers to use this gemstone in their designs. The green color of moldavite is thought to symbolize the relationship between the earth, the sky.

Its unique ability to boost energy levels is what makes moldavite stand out from other minerals. Moldavite is said to increase the energy of crystals and other stones by being worn as jewellery or on the chakras. This stone is used to heal and promote spiritual growth.

Importantly, moldavite can be expensive because it is an uncommon mineral. It is worth the extra expense to reap the many benefits it brings into the lives of those who choose it.

The beauty and curative powers of moldavite are unsurpassed. This gem was found for the first time in Russia. Moldavite can be a very special stone and is worth investigating, whether your interest is in spiritual development or physical healing.

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