Is Yelan a DPS-character?

Yes, and no. Yes and no. Although her attack is lower than other five-star characters of the same stature, she can still dominate the field with the right build, planning and some skill. You might consider spending your Primogems instead on Xiao if you are looking for a pure DPS character. Click here.

Yelan has a high chance to enter the Breakthrough state thanks to her Skill, which marks enemies and deals Hydro Damage in a large area based on Yelan’s HP. Yelan’s charged shots increase by 80% when Breakthrough is active and deal Hydro damage that scales with her HP. After being off the field for less than five seconds, she automatically enters Breakthrough.

Yelan’s Burst creates Exquisite Throw. This set of dice follows Yelan around (it doesn’t need to be Yelan) and deals Hydro damage. Yelan’s Burst will unleash the same coordinated attack if it has any active Lifelines.

Exquisite Throw is made possible by Yelan’s passive talent, Adapt With Ease. The dice buff the party’s damage by 1 point, increasing by 3.5% every second until it reaches 50%. This powerful support ability can be used with any party, even if you don’t want to invest in Yelan’s HP pool for more hydro damage.

You should do a combination of these, but it is possible. Allow Yelan to enter Breakthrough while she is off the field. Then swap her in and attack her with a charged shot. You can fire off as many Breakthrough shots as you can before unleashing her burst. Then, swap to a stronger character that can make the most of the damage buff or capitalize on the Hydro affliction.

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