Installing a Pressure Cleaning Truck

If you work as a pressure washer, you understand the importance of setting up your vehicle correctly. This will make the job easier for you and give clients the impression that your are a professional. Let’s look at how to setup a truck for pressure washing that will leave your clients impressed and your competitors jealous your domain name.

The first thing you’ll need is a truck that will work. It is impossible to start pressure washing your car if it won’t turn on. Ensure that your car can handle the abuse. Vans or pickup trucks are ideal for this.

Consider the pressure washing unit. The heart of any business is its power. Choose one that’s strong enough to tackle the task. The unit should be portable and small enough to easily transport around the work site.

Next, let’s discuss the accessories. These accessories are what make your system shine. Consider buying a pressure washer with hot water to improve cleaning and help you remove tough stains. You should also keep an assortment of nozzles to allow you to alter the pressure and spray pattern.

A high-quality hose for pressure cleaning is an essential piece of equipment. It should be flexible, long, and robust to cover all the areas that require cleaning. Also, don’t ignore the detergents. Soaps and chemicals are also important. They will improve the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Your final consideration should be the safety gear that you will need. It includes safety equipment like gloves, goggles and boots with steel toes. Safety always comes first when pressure-washing. Equipment can protect you and staff from injuries.

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