I Want to Fire My Attorney!

An earlier article in this series discussed what your attorney should do for you in a personal injuries (PI) case. This article will discuss how to handle an attorney who isn’t doing the right thing – get the facts.

I am always amazed at how many PI attorneys can sit on a case. It’s amazing, just think about it. A contingent fee is the usual way that PI attorneys get paid. This means that they receive a percentage of any money they are able to get for you. Your attorney shouldn’t leave your case unattended. The overhead expenses of an attorney are not idle, so be certain.

There are two options. Either your attorney is too busy or too lazy. The former is better than the latter but neither is best for you.

These are the steps to take if your attorney seems too busy or lazy.

1. Meet with a top PI lawyer in your local area to learn more about your case.

Consultations are almost always completely free.

Where can you find top attorneys in your local area? You can call me or email me if you wish and I will be happy to assist you. Filling out the Claim Calculator link below will give you the best way to contact me. This will give you your email address as well as specific information about your case (e.g., amount of property damage, medical bills and wage loss). Through trial lawyer associations list-serves, and other methods, I can find the best attorneys in each area of the United States. I speak directly with the attorney regarding your case details. If he is willing to meet you, I will connect you with him so we can set up a time to meet or talk about your case.

How can you tell if an attorney is the best? It’s simple – he puts his million-dollar results on his website. The best attorneys I have helped people to find are the ones that I recommend. Their results speak for them. An attorney who doesn’t publish their results online isn’t proud of them. An attorney who has successfully handled your case for over a million dollars can be trusted. Insurance companies also know about the reputations of successful attorneys. When an insurance company decides whether to settle for a fair amount or to jerk about your lazy attorney until you agree to a lower settlement, that reputation can be a significant factor.

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