Home Energy Efficiency – Where are you losing the most?

Home energy efficiency is often an afterthought for most people. When people realize how much money they could save each month on their utility bills by following a few simple steps over a weekend, they will make it a priority since they have more money in the bank. See PorchLight Home Energy Assessors to get more info.

This means that by finding out where energy is being lost first, you can reduce your energy loss by fixing these issues. You don’t have to install solar panels immediately to become energy-free.

Your energy consumption can be reduced to achieve Free Energy. ENERGY CONSERVATION can help you eliminate your utility and energy use by as much as 70% to 90%. Assess your property to find out where you’re using most energy. Most people use cooling and heating.

Air leaks are a major problem for homes that are not energy efficient. This is the biggest enemy of conserving your energy at home.

Three places are most likely to experience air leakage:

* Basements

* Exterior Walls

* Attics

These areas must be in top shape to ensure your home’s energy efficiency is at its best. Controlling air leakage is the most important thing that you can do for your home in order to conserve energy.

What can you do to detect leaks?

It is simple and effective to determine the source of air leaks by…

You can use incense sticks. You can light them and go around your house on windy days. However, you can use them any day.

Stand in the middle and watch what happens to the smoke. If the room is well insulated, it should rise straight upwards. Test all four corners by moving to the opposite side of the room.

Unfinished basements is another area often overlooked in home energy efficiency.

Most people believe heat travels up and the earth is an excellent insulator. While heat will travel anywhere it likes, the rule of thumb is that it always travels from a warmer to a cooler area. Similar to cold air, heat always seeks its opposite for balance.

To eliminate energy loss from your home and increase energy efficiency, you must know where and what to look.

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