Gemstone Energy Medicine is necessary for healing

Healing is the process of treating an injury, illness or condition visit us. A complete healing is when you are permanently healthy. Your illness will not return.

You must address any energetic issues which may be the root cause of the problem. Every disease, disorder or injury has an impact on more than just your body. Two of the first things that affect us are our negative emotions and thoughts about the disease. The second is disharmonious effluent, which is released by diseased, injured, or painful tissues. Fourth is the energetic equivalent. In order to heal completely or avoid any delays, you need to address these four areas. It is possible that you are also working on the physical problem.

For total healing, gemstone energy medicine (also known as gemstone energy healing) is vital. Gemstone energies are capable of dealing directly with energetic counterparts, as they have the ability to harmonize emotions, thoughts and disperse disharmonious emanations. Only gemstone therapy can achieve this. You can use gemstone energy medicines in combination with other healing modalities and medicines to heal tissue.

Let’s start by talking about the breaking of emotional and psychological ties. It is a difficult task, as many physical illnesses are associated with negative emotions. These thoughts, emotions and feelings can add to the stress that comes with living with chronic diseases. An illness that is sudden or chronic can make it hard to be happy and healthy. After a diagnosis of a serious disease, patients can experience a variety of emotions. You will be required to release anger, despair or depression that you may feel due to the diagnosis. As thoughts and emotions are often linked, they can cement reality. It is harder to achieve better health for people who worry and fear.

Negative thoughts and feelings about an illness or injury first hang out around the body. They then seep through tissues. If they stay there, they can affect the tissue. Which tissues are affected depends on your genetics, and how weak you are. Most often, embedded stress manifests as a hardening tissue (such a muscles and blood vessels). The reason for this isn’t just that a person sits at a keyboard all day. This condition can be caused by a sedentary life style. It is made worse by mental stress, emotional tension and constant anxiety.

While it may take longer to improve or treat a condition physically, the healing of emotions and thoughts can be much more effective than repairing damaged tissue. The recognition of their healing properties is part and parcel of gemstone energy medicine. Natural healing gemstones can balance, clear and elevate mental and emotional energy. It is much easier to identify their own flaws when they can see what others are good at. They can also be empowered by gem energy to rid themselves of negative feelings, thoughts, and thoughts.

In or around organs, cells, and emotional energies, disharmonious energy can build up. I call it the disharmonious effluent. An organ in a traumatized or diseased state will emit an energy that reflects its condition. It is the nature of the body to emit energy. A disharmonious effluent is a warning flare that alerts the body. Your immune system can help you reduce the alarm frequency.

When the body’s reserves are exhausted or too many factors distract them, they ignore a signal flare. The toxic effluent grows louder over time. The body’s natural healing energy can be blocked. By pressing into areas that are already damaged, it can also increase pain. Lift and remove this unwanted accumulation to allow healing to flow.

You can use different types of gemstone jewelry in poultices. Others can be worn as a means of healing while others work to boost the immune systems. This formula is useful for clearing out unbalanced effluents. This natural remedy consists of edible pills that are imprinted with gemstone energies. This remedy was created to help the body release unwanted energies. This combination of energies is called Energy Clearing GEMFormula and may be one of most important advancements in gemstone energy healing.

The healing of the physical tissues is only possible if their energy counterparts are also healed. Each cell, each organ has a specific energetic essence that supports the functions of those tissues. You can use the same modality to treat your organ’s counterpart. The gemstone therapy is also a way to treat the organ’s counterpart. Natural stones can be used to heal the body. Is it possible for a physical body organ to be removed?

After years of suffering excruciating attacks on my gallbladder, I was finally forced to remove it. What’s the end? I should have known. The sharp, throbbing pains that I felt on my left side never went away. Even though my doctor said that I had successfully excised the gallbladder, there was no need to be in pain. An energy worker friend of mine brought the issue up. She reminded me that physical organs can be connected to their energetic equivalents. I felt pain in my gall bladder until it healed. As I was in hospital, I could not access any healing gemstones. I was able to use my imagination to invent their healing powers.

The healing energy is contained in gemstone spheres. The healing energy that is used to heal the body is pure, light and bright. My gall bladder was filled with a bright, white light to relieve the pain caused by my energy counterpart. The light was ethereal, and it vibrated to heavenly music. Also, I communicated with my body and its gallbladder counterpart inwardly about why the organ needed to be removed. My gallbladder was very helpful.

After a few minutes, I started to feel its effects. Two days later, I no longer had any pain in my gall bladder. It still exists almost five years later.

The mid-80’s were an important time in the history of gemstone energy healing. I was convinced that gemstone medicine could transform the medical field. The fact that I was using only therapeutic gemstone pendants at the time did not make sense to me. I could not believe and thought it was inappropriate for doctors to give gemstone pendants to patients.

It is easier to understand premonitions now that you are able to imprint gemstone energy on edible pills. GEMFormulas could be an excellent addition to any doctor’s medical treatment. The Energy Clearing GEMFormula alone could eliminate a large amount of unwanted emotional or mental energies. This can remove hidden energies, symptoms and conditions that can complicate or obscure a problem. It makes it easier for doctors and other health professionals to diagnose and treat the condition.

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