Forex Trading — An Income Source of the Intelligent Investors

One source of income an investor could have is Forex trading. Forex trading can bring in unlimited income depending how well the strategies are implemented. Forex trading can offer many more advantages than trading stocks, check this.

1. This will be a modest amount to invest.
Open an account for trading and only $250 are required. Forex brokers usually offer both a “mini-” and a “micro” account. This account will help beginners get a feel for the market. It also allows them to invest more money. It is impossible to trade Forex with futures, options or shares. USD1000 is the minimum amount that you can invest in forex trading. A USD250 investment can help you double your potential profits within a month. This depends on your trading skillset and frequency.

2. Transaction costs are extremely low
The usual brokerage fees like stamp duties, clearing fees, or government fees are not applicable to trading shares. However, broker fees aren’t required. We still need brokers to trade. Bid-ask spread refers to the fee they receive for their services. Price differences between the selling and buying ends.

3. You can trade anytime of day.
The forex market (or fx) is open twenty-four hours a days. If you reside in Malayisa (or Singapore), the forex market opens on Monday at 6:01 a.m. and closes Saturday at 6 a.m. It is possible to select the hours you want to trade, whether you are professional or a homemaker. Before fully committed to forex trading, part-time is possible. It will not occur if you are also trading in other instruments.

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