Craigslist is a great place to market your product or service will give you an estimate of the monthly traffic craigslist sees. In an average month, craigslist has 30 million visitors who go directly to their home page. This means that every month there are approximately 30 million people who want to reply to or post ads on craigslist. You can see Craigslist Posting Services for more information.

Now, craigslist might receive much more visitors than 30 million since they have subdomains for most major cities and all states in the United States. Craigslist’s international expansion has not been long. They have dedicated subdomains that cater to different cities across the globe. If your business has a local presence, you can geotarget potential customers or expand your operations internationally.

Let’s get down to the basics about advertising on craigslist. There are a lot of the same categories across all subdomains for every state or city. These categories included everything you need, such as housing, jobs, and property for sale. Each main category is also divided into sub-categories. For example, there are subcategories for computers, electronics, cars, etc. These subcategories help you target your customer.

After you’ve chosen your city, state and category, you will be able to place your ad. You will need your email address to place your ad. To avoid spam, you can also hide it.

Craigslist makes it easy for anyone to see any of the ads you have posted. This means your ad can be seen by many people each day. Posting more than one ad will result in more traffic.

There are a few options that will allow you to post more ads per day. You have the option to hire someone who will post your ads on your behalf or you could purchase Craigslist auto poster software. This is not a way to spam Craigslist posting hundreds of ads every day. It’s a way to make it simpler for you to post more often. You can easily create your ad once. Then, it will be reposted daily by simply clicking a link or paying someone else.

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