Auto Detailing Business Apps And Coupons

You’d be surprised at how many Android apps there are for every situation. The famous “there’s an application for that” line is what you’re looking for look at this. That quote is funny because there may be more than one app for this, regardless of its complexity. Therefore, that quote should read: “There are APPs to that!” Next, let me talk about service, specifically the automotive detailing sector. I would like to take some time to explain to you how the modern auto detailing business can make use of these mobile apps.

Industry Associations could get involved and create apps for their members, it is my belief. First, I think they should develop reminder applications that remind people when the car is due for a detailed inspection. This would be similar to how quick service oil changes remind people when it’s time for their next oil changing. According to one association in the auto industry, 85% of car repair jobs go unfinished.

Failing to change out belts, hoses and routine maintenance such oil changes, fluid flushes or transmission fluid, as well as changing all filters is the most common. This is a common mistake that auto detailing professionals should make. After doing a good job on someone’s vehicle, it is important to remind them to wax their car from time to time. This will keep the clear coat looking great and help to preserve the automobile’s value. If you think about it, auto detailers around the world strive to deliver the best customer care and highest quality of service. They do this to earn referrals and keep a good book of repeat customers. It is only natural that the industry would use mobile applications to send reminder notices and coupons directly from their clients’ smart phones.
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